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04/10/2023 CRM Integration with Service

Autodeals offers fully integrated CRM with Service Orders. The CRM has now become the center of all communications with Sales, Service, and Operations for companies. The consolidated tasking, order creation, messaging, and history make this the simplest and most powerful business operations solution.

02/27/2023 AutoResponder Workflow

Autodeals is pleased to announce our Workplan and Workflow Solution now includes an Autoresponding solution for new Leads generated. Our solution will now speed up the your ability to contact and communicate with new leads. Use our Workflow to build any Automated tasking and messaging solution. Contact Us for more info.

02/18/2023 Autodeals Estimated Floor Plan Expenses

Autodeals dealer management now includes a Floorplan Expense enhancement that automatically computes estimated floor plan expenses in real time for any Deals being worked on the vehicle. The solution already included the Vehicle Expenses, Fees and previously paid floor plan fees. Now the solution has even more accurate commissions since the estimated floor plan expenses due the day of the contract are included in the Deal profitability in real time.

01/29/2023 Supplier/Companies Enhancements

Suppliers, Companies, and and Contacts further integrated to support multi-addresses, content, insurance and other media to make document and contract processing simpler and more powerful.

01/09/2023 Multi-Title and Media Support

Enhancement to save multiple titles and other media added to Product Title view. Makes it easy for Fleet Management companies and Product companies to manage vehicle registration documents, regulatory documents or any media documents that need to be aligned inventory product.

12/30/2022 Advanced Company Views

For Dealers and Businesses that predominantly do business with other businesses, Autodeals has added an advanced company view that makes Contacts and Deals more user friendly. The company and the contacts are easily tied together making it easy to complete contracts and documentation with shared company addresses and content and across many contacts.

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About Autodeals

Autodeals, Inc. is a cloud based dealer management solution provider. Our solutions help Used Car Dealers build and manage their sales, finance, accounting, inventory, collections, and service business with operationally excellent software. From internet lead generation to service after the sale, only Autodeals Dealer Management system provides the most complete solution for your dealership.

The primary software includes complete inventory management, forms management, BHPH, Payment Solutions, regulatory compliance, vehicle valuations, vehicle history reports, vehicle specifications, credit reporting, Reynolds & Reynolds Law Contracts and more . Autodeals is available in fifty states.