Why do Auto Dealer lead sources work for awhile then stop working? How can you manage around this repeating problem?

Establish Autodeals as your business operations software with CRM, Sales, Digital Retailing, Deal Desking, Inventory Management, WorkPlans, WorkFlow, Merchant Solutions, Service Center and Accounting. Then establish a 3 lead source minimum that can be measured and rotated on a periodic basis. The lowest performing lead source can be turned off and replaced. Your business operations will never have to change, only your lead sources.

Our Software

Unified cloud based solution for Auto Dealers with one or many locations.

Dealer Management

Intuitive and Intelligent

• Law Contracts

• DMV/BMV Forms

• State Taxes & Fees

• 1000+ forms + ANY custom

• Electronic contracts, or paper

• Comprehensive Deal Desking...


Simple yet Sophisticated

• Automates 50% of the work

• Eliminates duplicate posts

• Eliminates erroring synchs

• Automatically Collects

• Multi-location

• Recurring Transactions...


Win More Business

• Mobile conversations

• Automated document collections

• Solution Sharing

• Digital Message Helper

• Manage Calls, Appointments, ToDos...

Digital Retailing

Simplicity and Mobility

• E-Signing Documents

• Secure Electronic Sending

• Messaging with Contacts

• Solution sharing with Customers

• E-Task Assignment...

Electronic Signatures

Print, E-Sign & E-Send

• Print, E-Sign, or E-Send

• Secure Electronic Signing

• Sign 1 or many documents

• Solution sharing

• Integrated CRM messaging & documents...

Inventory Management

Expense and Internet Controls

• Easy Expense tracking

• Floor plan expense tracking

• JD POWER/NADA Valuations

• Vehicle History Reports

• Inventory feeds to anywhere

• Purchase Tracking...

Merchant Payment Solutions

Collect Faster with Less Labor

• Automated OnFile Collections

• Payment Links sent on due dates

• Decline Minimizer for Card Expiration

• Reduce Labor by 50%

• Save on Merchant costs...


Automated and Interactive

• Brand Recognition

• Mobile conversations

• Messaging Workflows

• Solution Sharing

• Staff Message Helper

• Conversation history

Service Center

Increase Revenue and Improve Recon

• Professional estimates

• Professional invoices

• Fully customizable Job & Parts

• Integrated payment solution

• Specialty business services supported...

Websites, Social Media

Increase Leads and Grow Sales

• Template and Custom Websites

• Budgeted Social Advertising

• Inventory feeds to anywhere online

• Website Pictures in Real Time

• Detailed Vehicle Specs Online...


Automated Task Management

• Selling Workflows

• Holiday and Birthday messaging

• Automated Staff Workflows

• Business Process Workflows

• Any task management flow...


Managing the Modern Worker

• Automated tasking

• Multi-location Management

• Assignment Creation

• Alerts, and Activity Tracking

• Manage Calls, Appointments, ToDos, Messages, Documents...

About Autodeals

Autodeals, Inc. is a cloud based dealer management solution provider. Our solutions help Used Car Dealers build and manage their sales, finance, accounting, inventory, collections, and service business with operationally excellent software. From internet lead generation to service after the sale, only Autodeals Dealer Management system provides the most complete solution for your dealership.

The primary software includes complete inventory management, forms management, BHPH, Payment Solutions, regulatory compliance, vehicle valuations, vehicle history reports, vehicle specifications, credit reporting, Reynolds & Reynolds Law Contracts and more . Autodeals is available in fifty states.